Software as a Service

Hosted Exchange 2010

Hosted Exchange 2010 provides a secure, reliable email platform for businesses, allowing organisations to reap the benefits of using Exchange in conjunction with Outlook, without having to invest in costly infrastructure. It is delivered from the cloud providing feature-rich, business-class email, but with simplicity, clarity, low costs and without a lengthy setup process. With Hosted Exchange 2010 organisations can share their calendars and contacts and implement complex mail setups.

Hosted Sharepoint 2010

Our hosted SharePoint collaboration services provide an always-available place to collaborate and share information, ideas, contacts, calendars and anything else your team needs to get the job done. Hosted SharePoint 2010 is fully managed therefore customers won't need any extra licenses, hardware, IT support costs or the expertise to install and manage this service.

Hosted MS SQL Server 2008

With our Hosted MS SQL Server 2008 run you SQL software on your own virtual dedicated Windows 2008 Enterprise server inside our VMware Enterprise Cloud, accessible from any location. The server administration and maintenance is fully managed as we guarantee to keep your server running to our stringiest SLA standards.

Desktop as a Service

Customers can now run their desktops remotely, fully managed by us. BitCloud can provide customers with a custom server environment with the ability to restrict each user's access without the need for continuous upgrading and maintenance of PCs on the customer's part.