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Managed IT Services

Changes in technology and software licensing methods in the last few years have resulted in a flood of organisations moving to outsourced, pay by the month IT. Organisations can now gain significant cashflow benefits from paying for software, hardware and consulting services on a monthly basis, also reducing wastage by procuring capacity as needed, instead of having to guess and commit to specific software or hardware needs 4 or 5 years in advance.

A complete BitCloud managed IT solution allows businesses to focus on their business, pay for their IT as they need it, with no contracts, no up-front capital expenditure and receive easy and instant access to an entire IT department 24 hours a day. Scale up or down as your needs change, as the economy changes and as technology changes. Using BitCloud services means you always get the latest version of all Microsoft Operating Systems and Applications, with no upgrade costs. It also means you wil will never again have to upgrade your server hardware.

BitCloud provides a comprehensive list of IT resources. We can provide unlimited server and storage capacity, a wide range of connectivity options and also provide all your software licensing needs, all on a monthly basis. We manage your servers and provide remote and on-site IT Support through our own 24 hour service centre and our team of specialist engineers.

Just some of the services we specialise in:

Intelligent Monitoring

Our advanced monitoring systems will keep an eye on all your resources and warn if they stop responding, if they are running an unusually high load or if they are getting close to capacity. Customised alert contact lists and thresholds allows you to choose your preferred response process.

Capacity Planning

Our experienced engineers can analyse your existing and future needs and provide a detailed progression plan for your cloud servers as well as any servers you choose to keep on site.

Desktop Support

Whether you make use of our remote desktop as a service product or continue running desktops in-house, our helpdesk can provide you with 24 hour support, and our engineers can manage upgrades, security settings and new deployments using best practice.

Hardware Support

In addition to keeping your entire cloud infrastructure running, we can also help to procure and manage your in-house server, desktop and network hardware requirements.

Application Support

Our customer care centre can provide immediate support for most common applications, and our specialist engineers can also help to deploy, optimise and configure most business applications.

Security Management

Our dedicated security team can provide full security for your servers, your internal and external networks as well as standard security management of desktops including anti-virus, malware, spyware and anti-spam.


Licensing costs often make up a very significant percentage of IT costs. Getting the most appropriate licences with minimal wastage whilst ensuring full compliance is a critical and complicated task, but it is something our team deals with on a daily basis.

Backup Management

Managing backups in an efficient but reliable manner is vitally important even if not very exciting. Our extensive backup options include multiple levels within each cloud zone, as well as off-site backups. We can further backup from your office into the cloud or from the cloud back to your office.


Our engineers have extensive experience with virtualisation techniques. We can provide optimised solutions for any physical servers you need to virtualise as well as management of your existing virtual environments.

DR Planning

As well as providing numerous DR solutions utilising our cloud infrastructure and connectivity networks, we can also provide help with full organisational DR planning.

If you are a mid-size business looking for a partner with

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  • a 24/7 Australian customer care centre
  • a full team of in-house experts
  • one of Australia’s largest geographically dispersed cloud infrastructure

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