High Availability

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High Availability

BitCloud uses fully redundant hardware at every level combined with multiple availability zones and multiple regions to provide fully redundant cloud infrastructure.

The hardware, software and local networking components of our cloud environment already have full redundancy all the way through. We use multiple routers and switches, connecting our vast array of servers to each other and the internet. We also use multiple physically separated SANs to store and replicate our data.

This provides a very resilient and dynamic solution, but it is possible to further decrease the possibility of failure by spanning resources across two separate availability zones. This is where a second, completely independent set of infrastructure is used. Each BitCloud availability zone has its own set of switches, servers and SANs, completely separate from other zones.

For ultimate protection, we also offer access to resources in a geographically separated region. The resources at this separate region (Melbourne) operate completely independently of the primary (Sydney) region and no single event can impact both regions.

Fully managed or self managed geographical redundancy

The simplest and most common way to take advantage of multiple zones and regions is for customers to plan their own network of servers and to manage the replication of data between these locations, as well as handling IP/DNS changes when required. This provides full control and flexibility to customers.

BitCloud has however also developed a fully managed service. We will take responsibility for replicating your server instances between regions, we will also manage any failover, and most importantly, we will manage the IP routing so that your servers will continue to be accessible through the same IP regardless of which zone or region it is running from. This is a very advanced solution, not generally available from other cloud providers.

Fact and Figures about the BitCloud Availability Zones and Regions

  • Data can be transferred between regions via public IPs through regular internet transit or through the dedicated private/secure link between the regions.
  • The private link between regions is an ultra low latency fibre connection. Data transferred through this link is charged at $0.90 per GB
  • Availability zones are connected via local gigabit networks, data transferred between zones in the same region is charged at $0.04 per GB